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Our Major Publications
Trinity News is the award-winning, independent student newspaper. It is published every fortnight during term and includes College, national and international news; opinion; features including business, science and travel, as well as sport. Our culture & entertainment supplement, TN2 features art, books, theatre, film, music, fashion and food sections. Trinity News is produced entirely by volunteer students just like you.
Trinity News is always recruiting writers, designers, photographers, online editors and ad salespeople. The best way to get involved is to contact the individual responsible for the section you're most interested in contributing to. You'll find their details on our website, www.trinitynews.ie
TCD Miscellany
T.C.D. Miscellany is the College magazine, containing reviews, features, opinion and analysis on topics relevant to College and the wider world. First published in 1895, we strive to uphold the standards set by the likes of Conor Cruise O'Brien, Shane Ross, Damien Kiberd and Ken Early, all past editors. All students are encouraged to submit articles or get involved in editing – check out our website for more information, or email the Miscellany team. Handles and Knobs
This year we will publish four issues, on September 21st, November 9th, January 18th and March 1st. Submissions of not less than 700 words should be sent to editor@miscellany.ie not less than two weeks prior to the publication date.
The Piranha was first published in 1682 as “the most fyne publication purtaining to matters literary, philosophie, alchemae, horascopes and erroticke tales”. The remit of the publication has expanded somewhat, but the ethos remains largely the same to this day.
The Piranha is the official satirical newspaper on campus, and the oldest debating society in the world. If you’re interested in contributing funny articles to the Piranha, get in touch with us at piranha.editor@gmail.com.
Unless you're shit. Then don't.
Icarus has been publishing creative writing by students, staff and alumni of Trinity since 1950 and this year celebrates it's 60th birthday. Icarus comes out once every academic term and it accepts poetry, prose, drama, and any other form of literary creativity throughout the whole year. All contributions can be made to submissions@icarusmag.com. The deadline for submissions to be included in the first issue is 25th October and there is no set theme for this issue. For guidelines as to restrictions in length and quantity of submissions (as well as for any general queries), please contact editor@icarusmag.com. 
Also, please visit our website, www.icarusmag.com and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Icarus/121404321128?v=wall#/pages/Icarus/121404321128?ref=mf.