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Trinity Publications Committee
Trinity Publications Committee is a capitated body in Trinity College Dublin, similar to the Students Union, DUCAC and the Central Societies Committee (CSC). We receive an annual grant that comes from the Registration Fee, which we distribute among student publication efforts to help them meet printing costs.
Although the major publications described on the “Our Publications” page of this website receive most of our funding, there are grants and facilities on offer for other student publications if any group of students decided to have a bash at their own print media enterprise.
For more information contact the Secretary.
Trinity Publications has extensive resources for print production, layout, photo editing, illustration and web development. The main publications have this at their disposal but any student publication may request use of the facilities. For more information contact the Amenities officer.
The Executive
The day to day running of Trinity Publications is handled by the executive committee. listed below. They and the editors of the major publications are elected at the Publications Committee AGM in Hilary Term each year. Please note that applications for these positions must be made a few weeks prior to the AGM - contact the Secretary for more details.
Chairperson Luke Maishman (maishmal@tcd.ie)
Treasurer Tom Lowe (lowet@tcd.ie)
Secretary Grace Walsh (gwalsh2@tcd.ie)
Amenities Officer Niall O’Brien (niobrien@tcd.ie)
Alumni Officer Catriona Gray (graycr@tcd.ie)